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Top 7 Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in joining and becoming a part of the PTSA for our school. This quick guide will serve to answer many important questions about what joining and becoming a member of the PTSA really means.

Do I have to go to meetings?

No, not really – but we would love to have you.  Meetings are an optional part of PTSA membership. However, meetings are provided (roughly once every other month) in order to provide you with information about what's going on at school, in the PTSA, and to hear your voice on the business dealings of the PTSA. As a member, you get to vote and support the direction of where the PTSA is going and what we do for the school and students.

I paid my dues, is that all I need to do?

Technically, yes.  Being a PTSA member is a no-obligation way to support the school. However, volunteering is the lifeblood of our PTSA at HOM. We rely on our volunteers to help at events, social activities, fundraisers, and program help. The PTSA is here to fill the gaps and enhance the education that our children receive. We do this through programs that enrich the school experience at HOM.

Where do my membership dues go?

Being a PTSA member helps support our school, our district and our state PTSA organizations. It helps fund legislative programs, insurance and many other organizational benefits. We ask that each family have at least one active parent as a member. You aren't required to sign up an entire family (adults, kids, etc).  However, we encourage anyone who wants to sign-up to be a member (parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, neighbors, etc)! You don't have to have a child as a student to become a HOM PTSA member.

At HOM PTSA, you get the following additional benefits:

  • Monthly Association Meetings (listen to and speak up about issues)
  • Cast your vote on important matters and decisions
  • Local Business Discounts
  • Actively involved in your child's education/school
What's in it for me?

This is probably one of the questions we hear most often without anyone trying to be mean...  Parents really want to know what they'll get out of it. So here are some direct benefits you can feel better about:

  • Get more directly involved with your child's school
  • Be a role model to your peers and family - and especially your student
  • Hear directly from our Principal and Teachers at monthly Association meetings
  • Hear about important changes to school programs, funding, and curriculum
  • Have direct voice and access to a group that helps with school decisions (programs, activities, social events, and more)
  • Meet other parents with kids in the same school and area
  • Be part of the solution, not just the discussion or gossip
  • Learn to work with a team and new skills by being a committee chair or executive board leader
How does this help my student?
  • Enriches your student's education with new programs that may lack or have lost government funding
  • Creates opportunities for learning about technology and new programs
  • Show your student that you are actively involved in their school and believe their education is important
  • Reinforce programs by knowing more about what's available to students
  • See their family engaged and utilizing all the resources our local school offers


How do I get more involved??

Membership is important, so start by becoming a member of HOM PTSA today. Your membership runs from August-August (so you can renew at any time). Most parents sign up or renew their membership at the start of each school year. We encourage families to sign up for membership for each adult or any other family member that wants to be involved with your child's school.

Next, get active and get involved. You can show up to PTSA meetings, which are announced well in advance for the whole school year. These meetings are held to allow the Association members to vote on important actions taken by the HOM PTSA as well as hear news and updates from school staff, district board members and other community leaders.

We also offer programs and fundraising events. Programs are offered to enhance the student experience at HOM. We need volunteers to ensure these programs are run properly and report back to the PTSA about how it is working out. Fundraisers allow us to have fun while raising money that supports the Programs of HOM PTSA . We have seasonal and annual events that every student gets to enjoy. Again, these fundraisers are there to fully support the educational programs put on by HOM PTSA .

Whether you have an hour a month, or an hour a day, volunteers come in all shapes and sizes. The first step is to reach out and let us know you want to be involved. 

Here is what we recommend you do to get involved:

  •         Sign up for the HOM PTSA emails at:
  •         Sign up for a HOM PTSA Membership ($10/year per adult $8/year per student ) - sign-up and pay online
  •         Show up to the monthly PTSA meetings